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The Best Formula Villavicencio

We benefit a total of 833 kids:
135 – Recreational area 
629 – Educational area 
69 – Sports area

Practiced sports: Gymnastics and Microfootball

In the sports area, we benefit in a direct way, children and youth at risk of forced displacement, in 4 neighborhoods in the sector of Playa Rica; in the Educational Area we operate in neighborhoods such as La Norah and Leon XIII, with educational institutions of Villa Lorena at Playa Rica and Leon XIII.

Villa Lorena is a neighborhood located in the foothills of the plains in the Playa Rica sector. At the beginning it was an area of invasion inhabited by people displaced by violence, although, thanks to the efforts of the community, the land plots are now legal and they have access to public utilities. People living there are identified as 0 and 1 in the stratification system, where housing conditions are not completely adequate, most are prefabricated houses and invasion dwellings, facts that have a negative impact on the community’s social context.

The social problems that most affect the children are gang formation, violence, poverty, single mothers, school desertion, the selling and consumption of drugs, and child labor, among others.


How you can support Us…VILLAVICENCIO

Live your project ….$80,000,000 (Col Pesos)

With this contribution, the company will become the project’s MANAGEMENT SPONSOR, ensuring 100% sustainability for more than a thousand children sustainability in our project at Villa Lorena for a year.

Sports area…$30,000,000 (Col Pesos)
With this contribution you will ensure the sustainability of the sports area, covering the projects needs during a year, helping us to:

Instill values that will guide them towards a better future.
Encourage physical activity, aimed at improving their future health.
Provide them with a healthy alternative to spend their free time.

Educational Area…$25,000,000 (Col Pesos)
With this contribution, you will ensure Villa Lorena’s educational area sustainability for a year, helping us to:

Diminish school dropout rates

.• Improve learning skills.

Strengthen psychomotor development.

Complement academic education in order to achieve an integral formation.


Recreational Area…$25,000,000 (Col Pesos)

With this contribution, recreational activities designed for the Villa Lorena’s community enjoyment will be developed during a year, helping us to:

Reduce delinquency rates.

Motivate a socially healthy community.

Benefit the whole community.

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MY BEST FRIEND, is our sponsored program, the main goal of which is to contribute in a direct way to the children integral development through the Foundation’s three pillars: education, health and sports; thus preventing school dropouts, child labor and gang formation, among several other problems.

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