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Ibagué, Tolima

The Best Formula Ibagué

We benefit a total of 1,902 kids:
172 – Recreational area
1566 – Educational area
164 – Sports area

Sports that are practiced: Soccer and Basketball

The program directly benefits 11 neighborhoods located in the Commune 8 sector, comprising: Nuevo Armero stages I and II, Topacio, Ciudadela Simón Bolívar stages I, II, III, Germán Huertas Jardín stage I, Villa del Sol, the Jardín los Pinos sector, la Esmeralda, Tolima Grande and Palermo. We have alliances with the Alberto Castilla and Raíces del Futuro educational institutions.

This city commune is formed by 12 neighborhoods; Nuevo Armero is one of them. In this specific neighborhood, with a population of 5,529, is where our program “Education + Sports = The Best Formula” is undertaken.

It is worth noting that in this commune, people who have been displaced by violence live, as well as people who have been resettled by the municipal administration because they lived in high-risk areas or that were forced to move out of their homes by illegal armed groups. Housing plans for reinserted members of M-19 guerrilla movement were also undertaken in this sector. All of the above characterize Nuevo Armero’s population in a socio-economic situation classified as 0, 1 and 2 in the stratification range. The child population also faces social problems such as gang formation, delinquency, poverty, intra-family violence, youth pregnancy and dropping out of school.

How to support Us... IBAGUÉ

Join our Smiles Team

Each of the corporate contribution programs with Formula Smiles is an excellent Social Responsibility option that will allow you to join other charitable forces in order to provide growth and sustainability for the Foundation’s various projects.


With their contribution, companies strengthen their social interests, addressing them to fulfill specific needs of our more than 5,000 Colombian children.


When a company, according to its preferences, makes a contribution, the Formula Smiles Foundation turns it into a “SMILES PROMOTER,” entitled to:


A copy of the Foundation’s Annual Report.

A certificate of donation for tax benefits.

The inclusion of your logo in the Formula Smiles Website.

Formula Smiles Team special recognition.


How To Join

Live your project ….$100,000,000 (Col Pesos)
With this contribution the company will immediately become the project’s MANAGEMENT SPONSOR, ensuring 100% sustainability for over a thousand children in the project of Nuevo Armero.


Sports area…$40,000,000 (Col Pesos)

With this contribution you will ensure the sustainability of the sports area, covering the projects needs during a year, helping us to:

Instilling values guiding them towards a better future

Encourage physical activity, aimed at improving their future health.

Provide them with a healthy alternative to spend their free time.


Educational Area…$30,000,000 (Col Pesos)

With this contribution you will ensure Nuevo Armero’s educational area sustainability for a year, helping us to:

Diminish school dropout rates.

Improve learning skills.

Strengthen psychomotor development.

Complement academic education in order to achieve an integral formation.


Recreational Area…$30,000,000 (Col Pesos)

With this contribution, recreational activities designed for the whole Nuevo Armero’s community enjoyment will be developed during a year, helping us to:

Reduce delinquency rates.

Motivate a socially healthy community.

Benefit the whole community.






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MY BEST FRIEND, is our sponsored program, the main goal of which is to contribute in a direct way to the children integral development through the Foundation’s three pillars: education, health and sports; thus preventing school dropouts, child labor and gang formation, among several other problems.

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